If you are struggling with the symptoms of menopause or weight gain you are in the right place!

You never thought menopause would be like this. It seems like it's impossible to keep weight off, you break out in a sweat at the worst times and your moods swing wildly in a matter of minutes. 

Life is too short to struggle with menopause symptoms. I know it can feel like there is no solution, but there is and I'm here to guide you to a life where menopause symptoms don't rule your day.

Hi, I'm Sherry! I'm a nutrition coach and a personal trainer and I've been through menopause. I can help you get relief from the symptoms of menopause and lose weight using simple fitness and nutrition habits.

Available Programs

Meal Planning Plus

Discover easy tips for choosing the right foods and then planning healthy and satisfying meals.

Healthy Changes Program

The Healthy Changes Program is a 12 week weight loss program designed specifically for women going through menopause. 

The Menopause Weight Loss Blueprint

Discover the keys to changing your fitness and nutrition habits so you can have weight loss success

Menopause Fitness And Nutrition Starter Kit

Downloadable resources, videos, and challenges for women going through menopause.

Healthy Changes - Your Guide to Fitness and Nutrition During Menopause

Find out how to use fitness and nutrition to make the most out of your menopause. Includes a bonus workbook to help you take action today!

Menopause Workout Plan

Get this free exercise plan designed specifically for menopausal women

5 Day Sugar Free Challenge

Lose Menopause Belly Fat With The 5 Day Sugar Free Challenge!

Hot Flash Help

Get relief from hot flashes without hormone therapy, drugs or herbal remedies.

$27 CAD

5 Hormone Balancing Breakfasts

Find out how a better breakfast can help you balance hormones so you can lose weight and reduce belly fat.

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