Healthy Changes - Your Guide to Fitness and Nutrition During Menopause


Healthy Changes: Your Guide To Fitness And Nutrition During Menopause

    • Are you frustrated by menopause weight gain or taken by surprise by menopause symptoms?
    • Do you want relief without using hormone replacement therapy?
    • Are you looking for simple, easy to follow ideas to help you to look and feel amazing?

    Does this sound familiar?

    • Hot flashes that seem to come out of nowhere and drench you in sweat
    • Weight gain that doesn’t seem to make sense
    • Low energy that keeps you from exercising, or making healthy meals
    • And you suffer from other symptoms of menopause

    But imagine if...

    • You had simple solutions that make many of your menopause symptoms more manageable
    • You felt confident and in control of your life
    • You felt like yourself again

    Download the Healthy Change ebook for only $12.97 and you'll get:

    Exercise Tips: You'll find out exactly what you should be doing for exercise so you can lose weight and feel energized.

    Nutrition Tips: You'll discover basic and more advanced concepts of nutrition that will help you to reduce menopause symptoms and lose weight

    Lifestyle Tips: Find out the simple tweaks you can make to your lifestyle that will have a huge impact on how you experience menopause

    You'll also learn more about what is happening to your body during menopause so it all makes more sense. And because I know a book is worthless unless it helps you take action, I included an entire chapter on how to easily make changes that will fit into your life.

    You'll also receive a bonus workbook to help you to implement the changes.

    About the author:

    Hi, I'm Sherry Smilar. I am a fitness and nutrition coach. I help women lose weight and reduce symptoms of menopause so they can feel like themselves again. I've been through menopause so I understand what you are going through and I know how to help.

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