Menopause Belly Reset

Are you frustrated by menopause belly fat that you can't get rid of?

I get it! I'm post menopausal and I know how frustrating it is to see your waistline expanding.

  • You hate going shopping because clothes don't fit anymore
  • You avoid looking at yourself in the mirror because you hate what you see
  • You feel like you don't want to leave your house because you feel tired, sluggish and dumpy

But Imagine If:

  • You could fit into your skinny jeans again
  • You didn't have to ask for a bigger size when you went shopping
  • You felt strong and confident and in control

This 30 day program helps you lose the menopause belly so you can look and feel like yourself again!

Hi I'm Sherry Smilar,

It wasn't that long ago that I felt like there was nothing I could do to stop my expanding waist line.

I was exercising 6 times a week and my jeans kept getting tighter.

I thought I was eating healthy, but my belly was expanding. I was afraid that the chronic diseases that run in my family would catch up with me.

Not only that but I felt like I wasn't the same person - I didn't feel good about myself, I was stressed out about everything and I felt exhausted all the time.

That was when I realized I could do much better by applying my training as a nutrition coach and personal trainer and I started to research the causes of the menopause belly.

So I created the method I use in the Menopause Belly Reset!

Losing belly fat during menopause requires 3 things:

  • Addressing hormones that are contributing to the excess belly fat
  • Making sure your diet is optimized so you are eating the foods that will keep you satisfied without contributing to belly fat
  • Looking at your exercise and lifestyle habits. 

What does the program include:

  • Video lessons showing you everything you need to know to start losing belly fat
  • Handouts to help to take these lessons one step further and get the most out the program
  • Easy to follow action guides to take through the system
  • Complete belly busting exercise plan


  • Bonus Healthy Eating For Menopause Ebook ($20 value)
  • Customized Healthy Eating Plan ($47 value)
  • Pantry cleanout guide ($20 value)

Click the button below to get started, or check out the free lessons to see a little more about the program.

7 Modules

Check out the Menopause Belly Reset

The Menopause Belly Reset helps women balance hormones that contribute to Menopause Belly Fat


Everything you need to get started.

Eat Less Sugar

Find out ways to eliminate your sweet tooth 

Move More

Start moving with an exercise plan designed to help reduce belly fat

Stress And Stress Eating

Reduce stress and stress eating using simple techniqes

Portion Control

Make sure you are eating the right amount of the right foods to help you reduce belly fat

Modules for this program 7
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