Hot Flash Help

You Can Get Relief From Hot Flashes

Without using hormone therapy, drugs or herbal remedies with side effects

I get it...

I'm post menopausal and I know what it's like to feel like your hot flashes are out of control:

  • You are tired of feeling hot when nobody else does
  • You are embarrassed by your red face and sweating for what seems like no reason
  • You can't sleep because you wake up drenched in sweat

But imagine if...

  • You could feel cool and confident even when you are under stress
  • You looked forward to bedtime and not having night sweats
  • You knew what you needed to do and what to avoid to keep hot flashes under control


Hot Flash Help

The 30 day program that helps you to reduce hot flashes using simple nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes.

Just $27 CAD

Hi, I'm Sherry Smilar.

When I started experiencing menopause symptoms I found I couldn't take hormone therapy. I needed to find a natural solution to combat my hot flashes. It seemed like most experts recommended hormone therapy, but had little other advice.

I was studying fitness and nutrition at the time so I decided to put into practice what I was learning. 

I found that there were many things could help with hot flashes:

  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Reducing stress

I put these changes into practice and found that my hot flashes were much more manageable. 

But I also found that what worked for me didn't always work for other women. I used my fitness and nutrition background to create a program that uses several different methods to reduce hot flashes. This means you will probably find something in the program that will work for you.

I am a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer with 7 years experience. I've created personal programs for many clients and taught group fitness classes. 

Even if you seem to be always on fire, there are things you can do.

We don't know exactly what causes hot flashes, but we do know that the hormone changes that occur during menopause have a big effect.

You can't change this, but you can make other changes that help to reduce the effects of the hormone changes.

You will learn how exercise helps to regulate temperature and has been proven to help with hot flashes.

You will learn how to reduce hot flash triggers so you can keep your cool

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