Meal Planning Plus

If you're tired of standing in front of the fridge wondering what’s for dinner every night…

And your grocery trips are a nightmare because all the “bad” choices just happen to fall into your shopping cart even if you have a list: keep scrolling…

If I took a peek in your fridge right now would I find...

  • It’s full of slimy vegetables that you can't recognize anymore and didn’t know how to use in the first place
  • And your freezer has a bunch of frozen dinners you bought just in case, but they are now a staple 
  • And there are enough low fat salad dressings to feed a Zumba class

Then it’s not your fault you can’t get on track with weight loss. 

You see, most weight loss programs weren't made for women going through menopause and dealing with hormone imbalances. And planning and preparing meals that are healthy can take a lot of time that you don’t have. Which is why you need is a better system for planning and preparing healthy meals that you'll actually eat.


Meal Planning Plus

Meal Planning Plus is a bite sized course that not only shows you the steps to planning and preparing healthy meals, but the changes you need to make because your body is going through menopause.

Whether you are an empty nester or preparing meals for a house full of teenagers, you’ll love the simplicity of the Meal Planning Plus system.

What do you get?

Changing your diet:

After this module you'll know exactly what to eat to get relief from your menopause symptoms. What should you be eating to lose weight and help to control your hot flashes? You'll also discover how to make sure you are not eating too much of some types of foods and not enough of others.

Meal Planning:

In the main part of this course, you’ll learn my simple system for planning your weekly meals, shopping, and preparing your meals with ease. And I’ll help you to make sure you have a backup plan that doesn't involve ordering pizza because you are running late.


You’ll also get bonus meal planning and shopping printables and if you like to rely on your phone I’m also including a super simple digital system that you can access anywhere so you never have to say “I forgot my shopping list”.

You’re probably thinking that you don’t have time to start planning complicated meals right now, but the truth is that the Meal Planning Plus system will actually help you save time. 

You can get started today for only $27

Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with meal planning plus, I offer a 7 day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to know how to cook? Some cooking skills help, but you can use this system with any level of cooking skills. 

Do I need a bunch of fancy equipment? I do recommend some kitchen tools that will make your meal preparation easier, but you don’t need anything special.

Do I get a meal plan? No, I don’t provide meal plans. With this course, you’ll learn how to plan and prepare meals that suit your life, tastes and unique requirements.

How do I get started? Just click the button below and you’ll be directed to the secure payment processer. Once you complete the payment you’ll have instant access to the program.

So go ahead and click the button now...

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